Session 1

Last Resorts

The party arrives at the ‘resort’ Opus promised, only to find that it is in fact a run-down dwarven mining town. The party is nonetheless relieved to find food, shelter, and friendly faces. After a few days of rest, the party learns that the town, Hyrn’s Delve, is closing down because the magical ores mined there have become corrupt. The town’s leader, Harn Griggenbach, speculates that the river that flows under the mine may be poisoned at it’s source, and the party resolves to investigate.

The party makes their way through the wilderness, arriving at the headwaters several days later. They discover that the river is indeed being poisoned by a kobold wyrmpriest. They defeat the priest and his followers after learning that they were paid to sabotage the mine by someone they call ‘Longbeard’.

By the time the party returns to Hyrn’s Delve, the mine is already showing signs of improvement. While inspecting the mine with Griggenbach, they mention the mysterious Longbeard, whom they think may be a rival dwarf clan. Griggenbach and the party are then ambushed by the Captain of the Guard, Doram Stonetower. He reveals that he is ‘Longbeard’ the kobolds spoke of, and that he planned to take over the mine after it was abandoned. After a struggle, the party subdues Stonetower. Griggenbach cuts off Stonetower’s beard as punishment and sentences him to exile.



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