Session 2

God Save the Queensway

The party departs from Harn’s Delve amidst much fanfare and continues south on the Queensway towards Kinbridge. Stopping for wait out a storm at an abandoned tower, they are attacked first by bandits and then by the ghost of a murdered nobleman. Opting to leave the apparently dangerous locale, they press on through the rain and arrive at Kinbridge a few days later.

Arriving in town, the party enjoys a hot meal and some shopping in Kinbridge. Over dinner, Tollog makes the acquaintance of two traveling merchants, Luc and Claude, who specialize in the acquisition and sale of historical artifacts. Trollog and the merchants spend the night bonding over their common interest while Rolland cooks up a storm and the rest of the party relaxes.

The following morning, the party wakes to a commotion outside their window. Going out to investigate, they learn that Duke Reynard is recruiting young men and women for the war effort against the neighboring duchy. The recruitment officer tries to get the party to join, so Opus reveals his celebrity status in hopes of getting himself (and possibly his companions) off the hook. This backfires when it turns out the Duke is a follower of Opus’s work and the recruiter demands that the party visit the keep in person. Tempers flare and a fight breaks out. The party flees the town and, seeing no pursuit, continues south to Ferry Hill.



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