Session 0

A Dark and Storied Night

The party starts off aboard the passenger ship Melora’s Blessing, en route from Kroner to Haven. Cora and Trollog are traveling to Haven on a mission from the Red Willow elders, seeking the meaning of a tribal prophecy. Opus has been commissioned to paint a mural in honor of the king’s daughter in Haven – his first serious work in years. Rolland is working aboard the Blessing as cook and first mate.

Two weeks out of Kroner, the ship is set upon by a raging storm. As the storm intensifies, Cora recognizes that it is not a work of nature, and suggests that she and Trollog plan their escape from the ship. Deckside, Rolland is doing all that he can to keep the crew in order and the ship afloat, but the weather is quickly worsening. Opus goes to the deck to lodge some complaints when the mast snaps in half, pinning his leg to the deck. Rolland rescues him by chopping through the mast with an axe, but not before the weight of the sail causes the ship to roll. Meanwhile, Cora is searching for a life boat, and Trollog is searching for Opus – an apparent stranger that he is nonetheless concerned with. Cora finds a life boat just as Rolland, Trollog, and Opus arrive, and the four set off from the sinking ship.

The party spends several weeks drifting with the current, kept alive by Rolland’s purewater powder and Cora’s fishing ability. The party eventually washes up on an unknown shore. Rolland and Opus go off in search of civilization, and find a beaten path leading into the mountains to the north. Opus insists that he knows where the party has washed up, and that the trail leads to a luxurious resort. The party sets off, but is ambushed by kobolds shortly into the journey. Despite this setback, they resolve to continue on to the resort.



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