Lambda Troop

Three soldiers who fought against the Anton Empire two centuries ago. They don't always seem to realize that they are dead.


Lambda Troop comprising three soldiers who fought against the Anton Empire during its invasion of the northern kingdoms two centuries ago. They were known for their gross incompetence, and their captain abandoned them during a losing battle to save himself. Their spirits remained in the world until they could complete their final mission. They have been laid to rest, but occasionally return to the world when needed. They do not fully realize they are dead.

Pigeon is Lambda Troop’s scout and sharpshooter. He is very skilled with his fully-automatic repeating crossbow, but tends to panic in combat, firing at anything that moves.

Hamfist is Lambda Troop’s shock trooper. He prefers to charge targets and begin swinging his axe wildly, which can make him a danger to nearby allies.

Sarge is Lambda Troop’s current leader. He continually gives command, tips, and pointers to his troops, but does no fighting himself. Although he knows very little about tactics or military command, he is occasionally correct due to the sheer amount of advice he gives.

Lambda Troop

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