Baba Yaga

A mysterious crone who lives in the depths of the Sinking Swamp


Baba Yaga is a powerful crone that lives in the depths of the Sinking Swamp (and possibly other places as well). She appears to be an extremely old human woman with iron fingernails and one ruby eye. Her true nature is unknown, but she has commented that she is “the heart of the Swamp”, implying that she may by a type of Fey. Local tribes say her presence goes back as far as their oral history, putting her age at several hundred years.

Baba Yaga is neither good nor evil. She is usually quite selfish and uncaring, and has no compunction about killing (and eating) humanoids if it is convenient. However, she is very wise and powerful, and can be trusted to keep her bargains. She has been shown in the past to have a great love of food, although she herself is a poor cook.

Baba Yaga

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