Session 4
The Ungrateful Dead

The party has turned south from settled lands and is cutting across wilderness north of the swamp. The party notices signs of former habitation, and recalls that this was an area of many battles in the conquest of the northern duchies. Roland spots something ahead, which on further investigation turns out to be three skeletons and some rusted equipment. As Trollog approaches, the skeletons, Pidgeon, Sarge, and Hamfist, animate and address him as their captain.

The skeletons explain that they have been waiting for their captain to return so they can complete their last mission – the assault and capture of a nearby bunker. Cora recognizes that the skeletons are probably reacting to Trollog’s scabbard, and will not leave the party until their spirits are laid to rest. The party agrees to help the skeletons complete their goal.

The ‘soldiers’ show the party to a ridge overlooking a copse of trees, which the undead perceive as enemy soldiers. Trollog gives the order to attack and the skeletons begin assaulting the trees. This angers a sprite living among the trees, who assumes the attackers are planning to destroy the trees. After a short fight, in which Pigeon nearly kills Cora with a stray shot, the party instructs Pigeon to stay behind as a lookout. He agrees, and his spirit is set to rest.

The party continues their march up the hill. A network of small tunnels permeates the hillside. From these caves a clutch of drakes emerges and attacks the party. Hamfist and Sarge perceives them to be enemy forces. After subduing the drakes, the party leaves Hamfist behind to guard the pass. As his spirit passes, his skeleton turns to stone.

At the top of the hill, the party approaches the bunker. Although the enemy is long gone, a gauth beholder has taken it over as his lair. The gauth attacks the party with his pets, the scorpions Calamitas and Venia. After a difficult battle, the party manages to fell the aberration. Trollog commends Sarge for completing his duty and capturing the bunker. After the party says their goodbyes, Sarge’s skeleton dissipates and his spirit moves on.

The party continues south towards Mirkshire, the last town before the Sinking Swamp. Entering town, they arrange for the halfling Thomas Burrfoot to lead them across the swamp. Intending to leave in the morning, they book a room at the Muckraker. Their dinner is interrupted as the recruiting officer they attacked enters the room. Expecting a fight, the party is surprised to find that the army has been chasing them to issue a formal apology from the Duke for their treatment of Opus.

Session 3
I Fought the Law

Having dodged the draft and fled Kinbridge, the party continues south to Ferry Hill. Although concerned at first about reprisal for attacking army officers, the party sees no sign of pursuit after a few days. Arriving in Ferry Hill, the party checks in to a local inn and does some shopping. The following day, Trollog once again encounters Luc and Claude, who left Kinbridge shortly after the party. They discuss business and make tentative plans to meet again in the future.

That night, Trollog is awoken by Luc, who explains that a large group of soldiers have entered the town and are searching for someone. They have reached the party’s inn, but the innkeeper, a friend of Luc and Claude, is stalling them. Luc suggests the party escape through a second story window, advice the party is quick to act on. The party splits up and attempts to escape town without notice. Luc and Claude promise to meet up with them in the morning outside of town.

Trollog and Cora make their way across the rooftops, relying on their athletic skills to travel quickly and without notice. They reach the edge of town with little trouble, but Cora is spotted trying to climb the town wall and soldiers are alerted. Meanwhile, Roland and Opus try to slip unnoticed through the crowds. Roland makes his way stealthy through the shadows, and when spotted by a guard manages to talk his way out of it. However, he feels bad for abandoning Opus and goes back to help. Opus is spotted by townsfolk, who start to raise an alarm, but he quickly deflects attention to Roland. Opus escapes, but Roland is chased out of the town by guards.

After knocking out the pursuing soldiers and guards, the party find a barn to hide in for the night. Near midnight, the party is woken by a group of townsfolk entering the barn. The party observes and realizes the townsfolk are part of a devil-worshipping cult. They interfere with the ritual, but they cannot prevent it from completing. Norvegicus, the Rat King, Lord of Vermin, Plague-master, is summoned into the world. Opus attempts diplomacy, but the imp is enraged when Opus reveals he has made a pact with a fey. The party dispatches the imp’s rats and sends him back to Hell.

The following morning, Luc and Claude meet up with the party. They offer to smuggle the the party across the river and in to the opposing dutchy. The crossing is well guarded, so the party must disguise themselves. Trollog, who is a poor liar, instead hides in the merchants’ cart. At the crossing, the party is nearly exposed, but a soldier who recognizes Roland’s tattoo intervenes and allows them to pass. The party decides to make their way south towards the swamps and meet with Luc and Claude in the southern dutchies.

Session 2
God Save the Queensway

The party departs from Harn’s Delve amidst much fanfare and continues south on the Queensway towards Kinbridge. Stopping for wait out a storm at an abandoned tower, they are attacked first by bandits and then by the ghost of a murdered nobleman. Opting to leave the apparently dangerous locale, they press on through the rain and arrive at Kinbridge a few days later.

Arriving in town, the party enjoys a hot meal and some shopping in Kinbridge. Over dinner, Tollog makes the acquaintance of two traveling merchants, Luc and Claude, who specialize in the acquisition and sale of historical artifacts. Trollog and the merchants spend the night bonding over their common interest while Rolland cooks up a storm and the rest of the party relaxes.

The following morning, the party wakes to a commotion outside their window. Going out to investigate, they learn that Duke Reynard is recruiting young men and women for the war effort against the neighboring duchy. The recruitment officer tries to get the party to join, so Opus reveals his celebrity status in hopes of getting himself (and possibly his companions) off the hook. This backfires when it turns out the Duke is a follower of Opus’s work and the recruiter demands that the party visit the keep in person. Tempers flare and a fight breaks out. The party flees the town and, seeing no pursuit, continues south to Ferry Hill.

Session 1
Last Resorts

The party arrives at the ‘resort’ Opus promised, only to find that it is in fact a run-down dwarven mining town. The party is nonetheless relieved to find food, shelter, and friendly faces. After a few days of rest, the party learns that the town, Hyrn’s Delve, is closing down because the magical ores mined there have become corrupt. The town’s leader, Harn Griggenbach, speculates that the river that flows under the mine may be poisoned at it’s source, and the party resolves to investigate.

The party makes their way through the wilderness, arriving at the headwaters several days later. They discover that the river is indeed being poisoned by a kobold wyrmpriest. They defeat the priest and his followers after learning that they were paid to sabotage the mine by someone they call ‘Longbeard’.

By the time the party returns to Hyrn’s Delve, the mine is already showing signs of improvement. While inspecting the mine with Griggenbach, they mention the mysterious Longbeard, whom they think may be a rival dwarf clan. Griggenbach and the party are then ambushed by the Captain of the Guard, Doram Stonetower. He reveals that he is ‘Longbeard’ the kobolds spoke of, and that he planned to take over the mine after it was abandoned. After a struggle, the party subdues Stonetower. Griggenbach cuts off Stonetower’s beard as punishment and sentences him to exile.

Session 0
A Dark and Storied Night

The party starts off aboard the passenger ship Melora’s Blessing, en route from Kroner to Haven. Cora and Trollog are traveling to Haven on a mission from the Red Willow elders, seeking the meaning of a tribal prophecy. Opus has been commissioned to paint a mural in honor of the king’s daughter in Haven – his first serious work in years. Rolland is working aboard the Blessing as cook and first mate.

Two weeks out of Kroner, the ship is set upon by a raging storm. As the storm intensifies, Cora recognizes that it is not a work of nature, and suggests that she and Trollog plan their escape from the ship. Deckside, Rolland is doing all that he can to keep the crew in order and the ship afloat, but the weather is quickly worsening. Opus goes to the deck to lodge some complaints when the mast snaps in half, pinning his leg to the deck. Rolland rescues him by chopping through the mast with an axe, but not before the weight of the sail causes the ship to roll. Meanwhile, Cora is searching for a life boat, and Trollog is searching for Opus – an apparent stranger that he is nonetheless concerned with. Cora finds a life boat just as Rolland, Trollog, and Opus arrive, and the four set off from the sinking ship.

The party spends several weeks drifting with the current, kept alive by Rolland’s purewater powder and Cora’s fishing ability. The party eventually washes up on an unknown shore. Rolland and Opus go off in search of civilization, and find a beaten path leading into the mountains to the north. Opus insists that he knows where the party has washed up, and that the trail leads to a luxurious resort. The party sets off, but is ambushed by kobolds shortly into the journey. Despite this setback, they resolve to continue on to the resort.


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